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Baiga Tribe

The Baiga Tribe dwells not only in Kawardha but occupies a significant amount of area in the Bastar region that stretches itself to the parts of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. In fact, a considerable portion of total population of Tribal Community in India comprises the Baiga Tribe of Kawardha.

Description of Baiga Tribe, Kawardha:

The Baigas of Kawardha are among the most primitive tribal Communities in India. The Tribal Culture in Kawardha is fundamentally centered on the Baiga Tribe of Kawardha.

There has been a steady rise in the population of this tribe since the 1930s. Another interesting aspect of this population is that the number of females in Baiga Tribe of Kawardha exceeds the number of males.

Endogamy and consanguineous marriage are features that are commonly prevalent in the society of the Baigas of Kawardha. Mean age of marriage is found to be a little over 15 years. Menarche, age at marriage, breast-feeding, and time interval between marriage and first conception occur in the same chronology as in any other society.

Agriculture, fishing, hunting, extracting forest products, forging metal goods in cottage industries, etc. are the prime occupations of people belonging to the Baiga Tribe in Kawardha, India.

Hence, the Tour to Chhattisgarh in made an educative experience by the presence of the Baiga Tribe, Kawardha. Undoubtedly, it is one of the Tourist Attractions in Kawardha, which one rarely comes across in the various places in India.

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