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Tourist Attractions in Keonjhar

Keonjhar in Orissa in India is an idyllic retreat for tourists who wish to explore the beauty of unspoilt virgin lands. Vast acres of greenery, ancient monuments makes Keonjhar one of the interesting destinations in Orissa. Once a princely state it was ruled by a number of rulers, before it became a part of Orissa.

The green forests of Keonjhar Orissa are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. The city is also famous for its rich mineral resources. On your tour to Keonjhar you will get to know more about the breathtaking beauty of the place and not only about coal mines. There are a number of interesting tourist attractions in Keonjhar Orissa.

If you are interested in Eco tourism in Orissa then Keonjhar is your ideal destination. There are a number of tribal communities who reside in the Keonjhar district like Santhal, Oraon and Munda. Besides the forests there are a number of other tourist attractions in Keonjhar Orissa. On your tour to Keonjhar. There are some interesting tourist places in Keonjhar which includes the Jagannath Temple, the Vishnu Temple and the Ghaghra Falls.

The Tourist Attractions in Keonjhar Orissa yalso includes the waterfall at Khandadhar, Sanghagara Waterfall and the most popular Badghagara Waterfall.

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