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Holy Places in Keonjhar

Nestled amidst acres of green forests, Keonjhar in Orissa in India is one of the beautiful tourist places in Orissa.Green forests and ancient monuments makes Keonjhar one of the interesting destinations in Orissa.

Once a princely state, Keonjhar is now a part of Orissa. Apart from the forests and Eco resorts, there are a number of holy places in Keonjhar. The ancient monuments and temples in Keonjhar makes it one of the popular pilgrimage destinations in Orissa. Besides this there are a number of other tourist attractions in Keonjhar as well.

Amongst the Holy Places in Keonjhar Orissa, the Brahmeswar Mahadev Temple on the banks of river Vaitarani is a sacred destination in Keonjhar. The Vaitarani River springs to the surface and is known as Guptagana. The point from where it emerges is the Guptganga which looks like the flared nostrils of a cow.

The Murga Mahadeva Temple is also regarded as one of the Holy Places in Keonjhar Orissa. Amongst the tourist attractions in Keonjhar the Kushaleswar Temple in Deogaon and the Baladevjeu Temple in Keonjhar are also important tourist attractions. The temples in Keonjhar are quite interesting and belong to the medieval period. These temples in Keonjhar add to the beauty and medieval charm of the city.

Besides this the important Holy Places in Keonjhar Orissa are the Vishnu Temple, Jagannath Temple and Ghatagaon in Keonjhar. Tourists from all over visit Keonjhar to visit these temples in Keonjhar. From the intricate designs to the exquisite artwork, these temples reflect the aura and charm of that era.

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