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Ghatagaon Keonjhar

One of the most sacred destinations in Keonjhar is the temple of Maa Tarini in Ghatagaon. Ghatagaon, Keonjhar is popular to the tourists because of the holy temple of Maa Tarini.

Maa Tarini is the other name for Goddess Shakti. She is one of the most sacred deities in Orissa. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit Maa Tarini's temple in Keonjhar. There are a number of legends regarding Maa Tarini.

Once Govinda Bhanja a Commander in chief prayed to Maa Tarini to travel with him to Keonjhar. Finally the Goddess granted his wish and promised to go to Keonjhar with him only if he does not look back to see Maa Tarini. Govinda Bhanja could not keep his promise and Maa Tarini in Ghatagaon, Keonjhar turned into stone.

Ghatagaon, Keonjhar is in the midst of a wild forest. Tourists and pilgrims from all over worship Maa Tarini in the forests of Ghatagaon Keonjhar. A number of festivals takes place in Ghatagaon, Keonjhar at the holy temple of Maa Tarini. This is one of the important holy places in Keonjhar Orissa. Tuesday and Saturday is observed as the day of Maa. The puja is done by Dehuri, a tribal group that follows the rites and rituals of the Puja. Devotees gather in large numbers to follow the Puja. The Goddess is sacred and important to the tourists.

Besides the important Pujas offered here, Ghatagaon, Keonjhar is also famous for the festival. The important festivals are Makara Sankranti, Maha Visubha Sankranti and the Raja Sankranti.

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