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Idukki Hill Station, Kerala

The ancient land founded by the legendary mythological figure Rishi Parashuram, blessed with emerald backwaters and gold and silver beaches is Kerala- God's own country. With the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on its east, Kerala is a treasure trove of indigenous cultural practices and art forms that have mesmerized people all over the world. Be it the age old Kathakali or the newly rediscovered Mohiniattyam or the knowledge of Ayurveda. Basking in the generosity of the sun and rain the climate of Kerala supports a lush vegetation including the famous spices and a wide array of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the country. This miraculously unspoiled serene wilderness is all nature lovers' paradise and rapidly gaining momentum as a popular tourist hub in and around the country.

Though shadowed by the fabled beauty of the beaches and backwaters, the hill stations in Kerala on the Western Ghats are the repository of a different kind of wealth displayed in oblivion and irrespective of human interest. Nestled among the low hills of which a large part is a reserve forest, the virgin hill station of Idukki is one of the most popular in Kerala.

About Idukki

At an altitude of 750 to 2500 m above sea level the landscape at Idukki is scarred by the rivers Periyar, Thalayar and Thodupuzhayar. The name Idukki is derived from the word idukku meaning à narrow gorge' in Malayalam. The low green hills at Idukki make way for the meandering rivers to gurgle past its slopes. A sprawling 1500 sq. m area at Idukki is taken up by Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to an amazing range of wildlife. The Idukki district notably supplies about 66% of Kerala's power consumption. The hydroelectric project at the Idukki Dam offers a sizeable contribution. This dam is the world's second and Asia's first Arch Dam.With its aroma of its famous spices and the moist green hills Idukki is ready to get you drunk with its abundance.

Tourist Attractions

  • Idukki wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tea plantations
  • Spice plantations
  • Idukki arch dam
  • Waterfalls at Keezar Kuthu

Accommodations Available

There are a host of luxury and budget hotels at Idukki to suit your purpose. Some of the hotels are:

  • Taj Garden Retreat
  • Michael's Inn
  • Carmellia Haven

How to Reach

Idukki is very well connected via road to other places in Kerala and outside. The NH 49 and state highways 13 and 33 pass through the district. The nearest rail and air terminal is at Madurai 140 km away.

Travel Tips

  • Undertake excursions to the sanctuary for wildlife viewing
  • Enjoy elephant rides
  • If you visit the place at winter carry woolen garments
  • Arrange picnic at Keezar Kuthu