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Monuments of Kerala

When someone mentions Kerala, the first thing that comes to our mind is its beautiful palm fringed beaches, the sparkling magical backwaters, the pristine hills and the Ayurveda. But not only Kerala is all of this, but it is more than that.

Different Monuments of Kerala

The culture and the rich history of Kerala have been well preserved within the strong walls of temples, churches and ancient monuments in Kerala. Kerala Tour leaves you wonder struck at the marvels of the magnificent architecture of the Kerala monuments.

The different monuments of Kerala that stand in between the golden palm beaches, the lagoons and the hills offer every tourist in Kerala a spectacular sight. The massive forts, once a witness to the chaos of sprawling powers and kingdoms stand silently as an acknowledgment of the past glory. To know more in details about the different monuments in Kerala and make sure what not to miss while on a Kerala Tour, please go through the following links below.