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Arakkal Palace & Kannur Fort

Kerala is full of architectural wonders and there is no end to the magnificent monuments in different parts of Kerala that draw in tourists from all over. The Arakkal Fort holds the reputation of being the one and only royal residence of the Muslims in Kerala. Close to it lies the grand Kannur Fort built in the beginning of the 16th century. Both the Arakkal Palace & Kannur Fort are under the care of the Archeological Survey of India.

Location of Arakkal Palace & Kannur Fort

The Arakkal Palace is located at a distance of about 3 kms from Kannur. Near to it stands the Kannur fort.

Information about Arakkal Palace & Kannur Fort

The Arakkal Fort belonged to the Royal Muslim family of Kerala that controlled some parts of the coastal regions including Lakshadweep. It belonged to the Beebi (queen) of Arakkal. Lying close to it is the Kannur Fort that is also known as Angelo's Fort. This fort was built by a Portuguese called Don Fransisco De Almeida, in the year 1505. The Dutch later conquered the Kannur Fort and it was bought over by King Ali Raja of the Arakkal kingdom in Kerala. Legend has it that there was a secret underground tunnel inside the Fort that leading to the sea and the palace, 21 km away.