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Ambalavayal Museum

Located 12 kilometers south of Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad, Ambalavayal museum is a hot bed for historians, archeologists and common travelers alike. It exhibits the remnants of all the traces of a long lost civilization that flourished in the mountains of Wayanad. The museum is a veritable treasure trove of clay sculptures, ancient hunting artifacts, and other varied sculptures. The artifacts throw light on curios which goes back to the 2nd century. From the artifacts one can make out that the civilization that existed in the mountain valley of Wayanad was one of the most advanced races with superior hunting tactics and equipments. Reminiscent of a tribal culture, who were valiant soldiers, Ambalavayal museum Wayanad is one of the best maintained, museum in Kerala's Malabar region. Tribal artifacts like headgears, jewelry, figurines of Nandi and other deities are also kept on display. A graceful idol structure of goddess Urvara adorns the main hall. Significantly enough these tribal believed that as a goddess of fertility, she is responsible for the well being of the land and the keeper of the people.

series of stones carved artistically speaks of battles and valiant warriors is kept in one corner and referred to as the Hero Stones.

How To Get There?

Sulthan Bathery which is the nearest town to Wayanad, is 98 kilometers from Kozhikode. Frequent bus services are available from there to the museum. You can also board the train as per your convenience from Kozhikode.

Kerala with its many interesting places has always been in the hotspot of the Indian travelogue. The backwaters and sunny beaches tempt us again and again. Similarly its temples and historical places imbibe in us a sense of well being and awe at the civilization that existed centuries ahead.