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Natural History Museum Kerala

Museums of Kerala hold a variety of objects that have immense scientific, historical, or artistic value. A trip to any museum is, therefore, an enriching experience. The Natural History Museum in Trivandrum is no exception and a visit to it will be a rewarding experience for everyone. It is a must-see not only for the people residing in the state but also for all the tourists.


The Natural History Museum Trivandrum opened its doors to visitors way back in the year 1885. However, the present building was constructed in 1964. It is a modern two-storied building. One of the advantages of a visit to this museum is that it may be possible for you to visit two museums on a single trip. This is because the Natural History Museum is located near the renowned Napier Museum or the Government Art Museum.

Natural History Museum Exhibits

The spacious building of the Natural History Museum houses a diverse collection of ethnographic pieces. Animal Skeletons, Stuffed Animals, and Birds form part of the exhibit. It is indeed amazing to know that the museum was initially started with the individual collection of General Cullen. He presented his collection of minerals and books, which was all that the museum had to be proud of in the earliest stage. However, with the passage of years, the stock got richer.

Natural History Museum Galleries

There are several galleries within the Natural History Museum. Each gallery is specifically assigned to a specific category of the animal kingdom. Hence, there are separate galleries for mammals, birds, vertebrates, invertebrates, and skeletons. A library and a laboratory also form part of the museum. The Ethnology Gallery provides valuable insight into the races of humankind along with their place of origins, distribution, and distinctive characteristics.

At the entrance of the Natural History Museum are fossils of tree trunks.

Timings of the Natural History Museum Trivandrum

The Natural History Museum remains open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. However, on Wednesdays, it opens only at 1 p.m.


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