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  • Entrance Fee:
    Indian/foreigner Rs: 15/50
  • Opening Hour:
    8.30am-1pm & 3-5pm Tue-Sun
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  • LocationThiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) , India

  • Opening Hours 8.30am-1pm & 3-5pm Tue-Sun

  • Entrance Fee Indian/foreigner Rs: 15/50

  • Camera Fee Camera/video Rs: 30/250

Puthe Maliga Palace Museum Kerala

Located in the southern part of Thiruvananthapuram, the Puthe Maliga Palace Museum is sure to impress all its visitors. As the name suggests, a wonderful collection of royal articles are exhibited in a palace.

The Puthe Maliga Palace was the residence of the Rajas of Travancore. Apart from the collection housed within it, the palace building is an admirable structure. It results from the hard work and perseverance of about five thousand laborers. They toiled endlessly for five years to complete the palace building. As a result, excellent architectural skills are displayed. One of the most striking features of the Puthe Maliga Palace Museum is the exquisitely carved wooden ceiling.

The exhibits of the Puthe Maliga Palace Museum include paintings and several other unique and valuable collections of the royal family of Travancore. In addition, many of the museum's items indicate the flourishing spice trade between India, China, and Europe.

Classical Music Festival at Puthe Maliga Palace Museum Kerala

Apart from being an architectural marvel and a repository of precious regal items, the Puthe Maliga Palace Museum is also renowned for being the venue of the Classical Musical Festival held each year in January or February. On the occasion of this musical extravaganza, many established artists from all over the country come to the Puthe Maliga Palace Museum. It is an excellent platform for them to display their skills and a golden opportunity for the visitors to witness their riveting performances.

Tourist attraction at Puthe Maliga Palace Museum Kerala

The Puthe Maliga Palace Museum is close to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, another major tourist attraction in Trivandrum. Make sure to visit the museum; you will surely not be disappointed. The excellent collection, as well as the museum building itself, will surely captivate you.


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Closed / Holiday

Tue to Sun

8:30 am – 1:00 pm
3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

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