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Spice Plantations in Kerala

One of Asia's most sought-after tourist destinations, Kerala is India's only tropical paradise. The state is blessed with numerous features like dense tropical forests, beautiful beaches, cliffs, rocky coasts, an intricate maze of backwaters, still bays, and 44 radiant rivers.

India exports about 80% of the spices used in the world. Kerala is one of the nation's major spice markets. In addition to being a commodity, the spice industry plays a significant role in the tourism sector. People roam about, investigate, and enjoy themselves at the plantation. It is a fantastic location for photography as well. The aromatic spice plantations in Kerala are a must-see while on a Kerala tour.

Various spice plantations in Kerala

There are various kinds of spices cultivated in Kerala. Some of the spices that Kerala is famous for and which you can see in the spice plantations of Kerala are pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and nutmeg. The spice plantations in Kerala are captivating places to wander around since different spices are cultivated in other sections of each plantation. While exploring the Kerala spice plantations, you can go for nature walks, bird-watching treks, taste the various spices and breathe in the fragrant air.

Some spice plantations in Kerala offer tourists accommodation in the lodges and mansions on the plantation. The following are the major spice plantations in Kerala that are worth a visit:

  • Spice Plantation in Thekkady
  • Spice Plantation in Wayanad
  • Spice Plantation in Munnar

Top Things To Buy In Spice Plantation in Kerala

  • Herbal oil
  • Spice powders
  • Spices


It takes a couple of hours to explore the whole plantation. So if you choose a lunch package, you might spend 3–4 hours inside the plantation, or even less.


The cost of entry and package differs from one plantation to another. The season and the type of package also determine the price.

Best time to Visit Spice Plantations in Kerala

A spice plantation is best visited between September and March. The spices will be ready for harvest at this time. During this time of year, many birds can be seen. The weather will be warm during the winter, making sightseeing considerably simpler.

If you are planning to visit Kerala to explore the spice plantations there, check out our Kerala tour packages.


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