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Aranmula Temple, Kerala

The Aranmula Temple is located about 16 kms from Tiruvalla in Kerala, on the banks of the Pampa River. This Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is one of the most famous and ancient Krishna temples in Kerala, supposedly linked to the legends of Mahabharata.

History of Aranmula Temple

The legend associated with the history of the Aranmula Temple is that this temple was built by Arjuna. It is believed that this temple was built near Sabarimalai near Nilackal. The image was brought here in a raft that was made from six pieces of bamboo, and hence the name Aranmula was given (That means six pieces of bamboo). Legend also says that this temple was built by Arjuna to redress the sin of killing Karna unarmed on the battlefield.

Description of Aranmula Temple

The Aranmula Temple has four towers that are located at the entrance of the temple on the exterior wall. There is a flight of 18 steps that lead to the Eastern Tower while 57 descending steps from the Northern tower reaches the Pampa River.

Festivals of Aranmula Temple

Located on the banks of the Pampa River, the festivals associated with the Aranmula temple are water carnivals, such as boat races during Onam. There are snake boat races that happen with much joviality and excitement. Another festival that is celebrated here is the Khandavanadahanam during the month of Dhanus where a replica of a forest is made and then lit up, which is symbolic to the forest fire of Mahabharata.