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Eastern Group of Temples

The temple town of Khajuraho is a historically and culturally rich city. The temples of Khajuraho and its architecture is witness to the flourishing Chandela Dynasty of the region. It is known that originally there were over 80 temples in Khajuraho, however only 22 remain till date. The temples of Khajuraho showcase the passion, art, culture and overall lifestyle of the people of that era.

Eastern Group of Khajuraho Temples

The Eastern Group of Temples of Khajuraho can be divided into two, the temples dedicated to the Jain pantheon and the temples dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Jain Temples of the Eastern Group of Temples include

  • Parsavanath Temple - it is dedicated to Parsavanath, the Jain Tirthankara. It is the largest Jain Temple present there. It is a well decorated temple.
  • Adinath Temple - it is dedicated to Adinath, a Jain Tirthankara. The sculpted figures of Yakshis are particularly famous here.
  • Ghantai Temple - it is well known for the sculpture of a Jain goddess on a winged Garuda and for the sixteen dreams of Mahavira's mother.

Hindu Temples include

  • The Brahma Temple - the granite stone temple has a four-faced idol of Brahma which is very popular in this temple.
  • The Vamana Temple - the sculptures and carvings of celestial beauties are famous.
  • Hanuman Temple - this temple has a statue of Hanuman which is about 8 feet tall.


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