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  • LocationKhajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

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Dulhadev Temple in Khajuraho

The Dulhadev or Dulhadeo Temple is a Hindu temple in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of the Khodar River and is one of the most beautiful shrines of the southern chain. This temple is the last shrine built in the southern wing of Khajuraho. The temple is also known as “Kunwar Math” and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is said to have been built in the 11th century by Chandela King. Lord Shiva is portrayed as a bridegroom here thus the name converted into Dulhadeo here. 

Architecture of Dulhadev Temple

The temple also has a stunning sculpture of Lord Shiva with his wife Parvati, the detailed carvings adding charm to the overall architecture. Its structure is quite captivating and the temple has five small chambers and a closed hall. The main hall in the temple is very huge and octagonal. Attractive figurines of Apsara and other mythical figures also beautify its wall. It is also called to be the “last gleam of Khajuraho’s architectural and sculptural mastery. They are identified under three groups of three zones- the western zone, the eastern zone, and the southern zone. The temples belong to the religions of Hinduism and Jainism. The most attractive feature is that the present-day Shiva lingam inside the inner shrine is surrounded with 999 other Shiva lingams.

Places to visit near Dulhadev Temple

There are numerous tourist attractions nearby the Dulhadev Temple in Khajuraho. The places to visit near the temple are Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshman Temple, Vishwanath Temple, State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art, Raneh Falls, Archeological Museum, and more. If you visit during February then attend the Khajuraho Dance Festival where you will get an opportunity to experience the rich culture and marvelous history of the city.

How to reach Dulhadev Temple

Khajuraho has its own railhead which is located at a distance of 9 km. One can easily hire a taxi or cab from the railway station to the temple. The other nearest railway stations to Khajuraho are Mahoba (65km), Jhansi (175km), Harpalpur (95km) and Satna (115 km). There are a number of regular buses that provide services from various cities.

Best time to visit Dulhadev Temple

You can visit here throughout the year while the best time to visit the temple is from July to March months. You can also visit in Monsoon season here as the greenery around the temples is truly attractive.


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