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Southern Group of Temples in Khajuraho

Religion is the prime engagement of the Indians, and in the ancient days there had been the highest fascination for temples and worshipping of the deity that blessed the people with golden harvest and promise for the same on the following year too. The Southern Group of temples at Khajuraho consists of two most important temples like the Dulah Dao Temple, and also the Chaturbhuja Temple.

The Dulah Dao Temple has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is supposed to have been constructed from the 1100 D to 1150 AD. Inside the temple there is a vast Shiva lingam. There is also an image of Lord Shiva at the very entrance of the temple and it is also known as the Garb Griha.

The temple is approximately 69 feet x 40 feet. The architectural complex consists of the Mandapa, where the shrine is placed, along with the Maha Mandapa and the Ardha Mandapa with no Circumbulaory passage. There is also the cluster of the Shikaras, both subsidiary and centralized.

The Chaturbhuja temple consists of the shrine of the Lord Vishnu, to whom this is dedicated. This temple has also been constructed in the 1100AD. The structure is more or less similar to the Dulah Dao Temple. The exotic sculptor adds to the glamour and elegance of the place.


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