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Jew town

Among the most popular and vibrant places in Kochi is the Jew town, alluring thousands of visitors from all parts of the globe. Basically, this town is a narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and Pardesi Synagogue. Colonial buildings around the street mark the old world charm. With its variety and rarity, the town has a lot to keep you engaged for hours. All the stuff in a way is antique and special.

The antiques include beautifully carved wooden furniture and vessels. In fact, its curios are also collected and kept for sale. The unique buys also include some amazing articles of Indian, European, Chinese and Arab. In-addition, there are also some handicraft and garment shops with excellent quality products.

Apart from all antiques, the major attraction of Jew town is a big Vaarpu (bronze vessel with handles on both sides). Other than this, Jew town in Kochi also boasts of shimmering jewelry, wooden pillars, crockery, wooden and metal figurines, statuettes and handicrafts like wooden elephants, wall-hangings and paintings. There are also few shops selling you attractive lamps, Chinese urns, door frames and porcelains which were once part of churches and noble families.