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M.G. Road in Kochi

For a delightful shopping experience, visit Mahatma Gandhi Road or M.G. Road in Kochi. It is Kochi's most urbanized face, attracting various curious shoppers. From colorful shops and bustling markets to multiplex movie theaters in first-class malls, you will find everything on M.G. Road. It is truly a shopper's paradise.

The M.G. Road is lined up with textile shops, restaurants, jewelry shops, and other shops selling household items and electronic goods. Also, from world-class jewelers and the finest furniture to some of the best-quality coir products, you can get your hands on everything you need and want.

M.G. Road has handicraft showrooms along the stretch that sell beautiful handicrafts made of wood, shell, ivory, and brass. It also includes the government-run Kairali Handicraft Emporium.

Due to the massive crowds that M.G. Road receives, the international brands specializing in apparel and footwear have made this road their headquarters. If you are more of a street shopper, you will find your way to the street markets. If you are not into shopping, stroll around and listen to some of the best bargain conversations, which can be pretty entertaining.

Apart from shopping, M.G. Road in Kochi has many restaurants that serve lip-smacking foods, including places with more than 10 varieties of dosa, the South Indian rice flour pancake.

If you are a movie buff or like malls, M.G. Road is the perfect place in Kochi. At the same time, Centre Square Mall has a multiplex movie theater with 11 screens, Jacob's D.D. Mall, on the other hand, sells some fantastic local products.

M.G. Road welcomes all types of tourists, and thus, it has the best pubs around, like Couchyn at the Grand Hotel, The Rooftop Bar at the Mercy Hotel, and Mezzo at the Avenue Regent.

Things to do at M.G. Road:

  • Visit Centre Square Mall, a multiplex movie theatre with 11 screens.
  • Shop for local products at Jacob’s DD Mall.
  • Hit the dance floor at nightclubs at M.G. Road.
  • Savour some of the best cuisines at restaurants on M.G. Road.
  • Shop your heart out at various shops and markets.

Getting There:

Distance from Kochi Airport: 31 km (approx.)
Distance from Ernakulam Junction: 1 km (approx.)

Nearby Attractions:

  • Some of the places to visit near M.G. Road are -
  • Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
  • Rainbow Hanging Bridge
  • Subhash Bose Park
  • Vasco da Gama Square
  • Ernakulam Shiva Temple

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