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Princess Street

Colossal Colonial homes, vibrant avenues with an architecture that replicate with that of their European counterparts and a long stretch of shops. This is somewhat the picture of the very popular Princess Street in Kochi. A common hangout point for travelers in the region, the street is reminiscent of the glorified European era which Kochi was once part of.

Truly intriguing, the quaint Princess Street in Kochi has turned into one of the popular tourist attractions in the region. The region is flooded with shops selling handicraft, traditional items, clothes and jewelry. Besides, tourists can even refresh themselves at the numerous spa and traditional Ayurveda centers located in Princess street.

A true amalgamation of old and modern times, the street has European structures to admire as well as lip-smacking food and beverages to feed upon. So, the next time you travel to Kochi, make sure to take a stroll in the delightful and wonderful Princess Street.