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St Francis Church

A perfect specimen of Portugese architecture, St Francis Church in Cochin is believed to be first of its kind amongst the numerous European churches built in India over the time. Being built at the start of 15th century by Portugese traders, a reflection of the colonial past of the region can be seen in its architecture.  Owing to a strong historical significance, the renowned church has  turned into one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cochi.

During its original days, St Francis Church was just a simple wooden structure. However, when Portugese viceroy, Dom Francisco Almedia came up with the idea of reconstructing the church to the King of Cochin, he agreed. This culminated into the reconstruction of St Francis church into a stony structure in the year 1516.

In the present time, St Francis Church is known for its sobriety and simplicity. So simple are some features of the church, it feels the structure is still stuck in the bygone era. A prime example of this is the collection of wood and cloth fans on the inside, which are operated with the help of ropes.

Not only the fans, glass windows at the entrance hall greatly compliments the ancient look of the interiors. Other fascinating features in the church which are sure to draw your amusement are the gorgeous potricoes with stepped pinnacle, the three sectional bell tower and the beautiful choir area.