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Dzukou Valley in Kohima

Dzukou Valley, or Dzuko Valley, is located in the capital city of Nagaland, Kohima. It is settled at the height of 2454 meters above sea level at the border of Nagaland and Manipur. You will witness the green hillocks over the blue mountaintops, bright flowers, and tall grasses moving with the winds during the summer. The breathtaking beauty of this valley welcomes all nature lovers to delight in nature’s bliss and spend time with their loved ones.

This valley is known for its multicolored carpets of beautiful and vibrant flowers that bloom during the summer. Among these is the most famous one called the Dzukou lily that is only found in Dzukou Valley. You can rock climb, hike, and indulge in many other activities along with witnessing the flowers. It is a prominent place among local tourists from Nagaland and Manipur. So visit this Dzukou Valley in Kohima as it will be a delightful and memorable experience for you. You can explore our Kohima tour packages to explore this beautiful tourist place and make your vacation commendable in so many ways. 

Things you should know before visiting Dzukou Valley Kohima

  • Location: At the borders of Nagaland and Manipur states in northeast India.
  • Type of Destination: Nature

Best Time to Visit Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley can be visited throughout the year. However, May to mid-June and September to October-end is the perfect time to visit Dzukou Valley. This is because the flowers begin to bloom in the summer season, and as monsoon hits, the first two weeks are the peak flower season in Dzukou Valley. So, you might consider visiting during this time. And all the snow lovers can plan a trip to Kohima during winters as they might get to see snow here.

How to Reach Dzukou Valley

Take a train to Dimapur in Kohima. The easiest way to reach Dzukou Valley from Kohima is to take a taxi to Viswema village or Zakhama Village. Star trek to the valley from either of these places and treat your eyes to the views.

Places to Visit near Dzukou Valley

After you complete the Dzukou Valley tour, check out the places to visit nearby -

Kisama Heritage Village: Kisama village is where the famous Hornbill festival is celebrated. It is a great place to see the lifestyle of Naga people, their culture, and tradition.

Places to Stay in Dzukou Valley

Guesthouses are available at the top of Dzukou Valley. VIP rooms are also available with decent services and comfortable stays.

Tips for Visit in Kohima Dzukou Valley

  • Plan to visit the valley at least for 3 days to explore the best.
  • There are two starting points, so choose either one and keep yourself hydrated on the way up.
  • If you are not from Nagaland or not working there, get an Inner Line Permit for entry into Naga Hills. This can be obtained from the DC court in Dimapur of Nagaland Houses.
  • Make sure to book a room before visiting to avoid any last-minute hassle.


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