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Japfu Peak Kohima

The Japfu Peak in Kohima is one of the most famous attractions in Nagaland and is proudly a part of the landscape. This peak has surely gained popularity over the last few years. Visiting Japfu Peak is one of the best experiences to add to your holiday. The scenic views and opportunities to have fun make this peak an ideal vacation for every kind of tourist. You can make your trip to the northeast more fun by indulging in trekking and camping at the Japfu Peak.

So, if you want to know more about Japfu Peak, here is a guide for you. You can explore this peak and other natural attractions in Kohima through our well-designed Kohima tour package. Contact our tour experts and plan a holiday for a beautiful vacation in the northeast. 

Japfu Peak Location

  • B.O.C, P.R. Hill, Kohima, Nagaland

About Japfu Peak

Perched at the height of 3084 meters, Japfu Peak is located nearly 25 km away from Kohima. It is a must-visit as it is the second-highest peak in Nagaland and offers beautiful views of the famous Dzukou Valley. The lush greenery and thick vegetation are perfect for trekking with a backdrop of the mighty Himalayas. This peak is also called the ‘Valley of Flowers’ in the northeast due to its blooming flowers. Not just this, but it is also considered the base of an old volcano.

Nature lovers will love the beauty and lush greenery of this place with birds chirping and scintillating views. The dense forest of rhododendron trees is a must-see, along with the unique and beautiful Blyth Tragopan bird.

Best Time to Visit Japfu Peak

June to September is considered the best time to visit Japfu Peak. The flowers here are in full bloom during these months, and the valley is a mesmerizing sight for visitors. The weather is also enjoyable during the day, and the temperature even drops to 10-degree Celsius at night.

How to Reach Japfu Peak

By air - Reach Dimapur Airport by flight and then hire cabs to reach the starting point of Japfu Peak, Kigwema village.

  • Distance from Dimapur Airport to Kigwema village: 77 km (approx.)
  • Travel Time: 2.5 hours (approx.)

By train - Take taxis from the Dimapur railway station to Kigwema village.

  • Distance from Dimapur railway station to Kigwema village: 82 km (approx.)
  • Travel Time: 3 hours (approx.)

By road - State buses are also available that will take you to Kohima. Once you reach the village located 18 km from Kohima, start hiking leaving behind Japfu Christian College.

Tips for visiting Japfu Peak

  • Make sure to carry a few essentials like energy-rich snacks (chocolate, bananas, etc.), 1-3 litres of water, a warm pullover, a headlamp with new batteries, emergency supplies (matches, lighters, sleeping bag)
  • There might be leeches on the peak, so carry some salt water in a bottle.
  • Inform your loved ones so they know where you are before you begin climbing.

Places to Visit Near Japfu Peak Kohima

Once the trek is complete to Japfu Peak, check out these places to visit near Japfu Peak nagaland. In addition, you can go shopping in Kohima and buy local handicrafts and pottery as souvenirs for your loved ones.

You can also enjoy the nightlife in Kohima. There are many bars and clubs in the area that offer delectable cuisine with local music and a lot of fun. Flamin Wok and Dream’s Cafe are the two most popular restaurants. Visiting Viswema Village and meeting the locals can also be a fun activity.

Places to Stay Near Japfu Peak

Here are some hotels near Japfu Peak where you will find comfortable stays are -

  • Niraamaya Retreats Aradura Kohima (2.4 m away)
  • Hotel Japfu (1.9 km away)


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