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Nagaland State Museum Kohima

Nagaland is a land of tribes and cultures, and the Nagaland State Museum is home to both of these elements. So if you want to witness the rare collections of tribal artifacts, this museum is an ideal spot. By visiting Nagaland State Museum, you will realize how the culture of the Nagas has evolved. 

The museum displays artifacts of more than 16 tribes inhabiting the state, including precious stones, traditional attires, necklaces, and images of their culture and practices. Established in the year 1970 by Nagaland Government, this museum offers a 360-degree view into the culture, history, and lives of Naga tribes. It is located only 1.5 km from the heart of the town and displays aspects like its art, artifacts, old weaponry, Naga cuisine, and colorful traditional dresses.

On your tour to Nagaland State Museum Kohima, witness some precious stones like coral, cornelian, and tourmaline, along with artifacts made of brass and silver bells. The attire of these tribes that various Naga tribes wore during ceremonies and the musical instruments included a log drum and a single-stringed tool called Tati. The highlight of the Nagaland State Museum is the models of the Naga traditional huts or morung of the different tribes.

Make sure to visit this museum to get an insightful experience of Nagaland. In addition, you can book fully customizable tour packages from Indian Holiday to enjoy the vacation as per your desires.

  • Location: Upper Bayavü Hill, Kohima, Nagaland
  • Type of Destination: Cultural, Heritage
  • Timings of Nagaland State Museum: Open from 10 am to 4 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays.
  • Duration: 1 to 2 hours are enough to witness the collections at Nagaland State Museum.

Best Time to Visit Nagaland State Museum

October to May will be the best time to visit Kohima. The weather is pleasant and allows you to see the museum attractions comfortably.

How to Reach Nagaland State Museum

By Flight - Nearest Airport is Dimapur. You can get a taxi from there to Nagaland State Museum.

  • Distance from Dimapur Airport: 66 km
  • Travel time:  2 hours approx.

By Train - You can hire cabs from Dimapur railway station to reach Nagaland State Museum.

  • Distance from Dimapur railway station: 71 km
  • Travel Time: 2.5 hours approx.

Tips for visiting Nagaland State Museum

  • Visit early to avoid the crowd.
  • Follow the rules at the museum, if any.
  • Do not ruin anything inside the Nagaland State Museum.

Places to Visit near Nagaland State Museum

After you complete the Nagaland State Museum tour, check out the places to visit nearby -

1. Kohima War Cemetery

It is a memorial dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives away in the second world war at Kohima.

2. Kohima Zoo

This is a paradise for birdwatchers as it inhabits different bird species including the tragopan bird, the state bird of Nagaland.

3. Kisama Heritage Village

An open-air museum, Kisama Heritage Museum exhibits the traditional Naga houses and celebrates the biggest festival in Nagaland, the Hornbill Festival.

4. Japfu Peak

Situated in Kohima, Japfu Peak is the second-highest peak in Nagaland. It is 3084 metres high and offers stunning views of the region.

Places to Stay near Nagaland State Museum

Here are some hotels near Nagaland State Museum where you will find comfortable stays are -

  • De Oriental Grand Hotel Kohima (190 m away)
  • Medom’s BnB (1.4 km away)
  • Hotel Vivor (1.6 km away)
  • Orchid Lodge (1.8 km away)
  • Kohima Camp (9.2 km away)


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