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Vishalgad Fort in Kolhapur

The Vishalgad fort, also known as "Khelna" or "Khilna" by the locals, was a significant Maratha fort. After annexing it in 1659, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj gave the place the name "Vishalgad," which translates as "great fort" in Marathi. The building, 76 kilometers northwest of Kolhapur and with a surface area of 1130 meters, was constructed on a hilltop in the Sahyadri mountain ranges at 3500 feet above sea level.

Vishalgad History

The Vishalgad Fort, known initially as the Khilji Fort, was constructed in 1058 AD by the Shilahara ruler "Marsinh." Over the years, it came into the hands of numerous kings that ruled in and around the Deccan region. When Adilshah of Bijapur was in charge of the fort, Shivaji sought to take it over, but the fort's terrain made conquest seem impossible. Shivaji repeatedly stormed the fort, but the Adilshahi regiment resisted him heroically.

Shivaji then came up with a plan. As a result, a group of Maratha troops went to the fort and persuaded the Adilshahi killedar (commander of the fort) that they had come to serve the Adilshahi because they were unhappy with Shivaji Maharaj's authority. After the Maratha's successful strategy, they staged a revolt the following day, resulting in complete chaos inside the fort. Shivaji Maharaj stormed the fort simultaneously from the outside and swiftly took control of it. The fort was, after that, christened "Vishalgad" by Shivaji.

Architecture of Vishalgad Fort in Kolhapur

The Vishalgad fort's compound contains several temples and other buildings. However, the majority of these buildings are in poor condition. Amruteshwar Temple, Shri Nrusinha Temple, and Sati's Vrindavan are a few temples inside the complex. The fortress also houses tombs for Chatrapati Shivaji's servants, Phulaji Prabhu Deshpande and Baji Prabhu Deshpande. Near Vishalgad fort is the grave of Hazrat Malik Raihan.

Best time to visit Vishalgad Fort in Kolhapur

You can visit Vishalgarh fort all year round and explore its architectural beauty.

How to reach Vishalgad Fort in Kolhapur

Regular state transport bus service departs from Belgaum, Ratnagiri, and Kolhapur. From Kolhapur, one can rent a private taxi. Moreover, Kolhapur is the closest train station. Kolhapur is roughly 80 kilometers from Vishalgad Fort.

Where to eat?

The fort has a few tiny restaurants and food stands, but you are advised to bring your own food and water.

Where to stay?

There is a sanatorium on top of the fort. However, staying at one of the many hotels and lodges in Kolhapur city is recommended.

Things to do

To visit everything in and around the fort, allow at least 4 to 6 hours. The fort provides breathtaking vistas of waterfalls all around it during the rainy season. In addition, you can get in touch with associations that organize activities like trekking, rappelling, and rock climbing.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

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Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM
Entry: Free

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