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Mother House Kolkata

The Mother House in Kolkata is the Missionaries of Charity’s main House. It is a holy place of pilgrimage and reverence to the selfless Mother.

The blessed Mother Teresa founded the house in 1950 with the purpose of selfless service to mankind. She dedicated her entire life to help the plagued humanity. She loved the unwanted and showed the society the path to salvation.

Mother Teresa Kolkata left her mortal body in 1997 and was laid to rest in a tomb inside the house where she lived and served. The tomb is very simple yet it exudes huge amounts of energy that fills the heart with spiritual peace. The Mothers tomb is a true image of her life. It is an ideal example of soulful and mindful meditation.

At Mother’s House, a small museum named ‘Mother Teresa’s Life, Spirit and Message’ displays Mother Teresa’s personal belongings including her sari, crucifix, rosary, worn sandals, enamel dinner-bowl, a few handwritten letters and spiritual exhortations. The room is preserved in all its simplicity as her life had been with a crown-of-thorns above her modest camp-bed. Prayer petitions can be placed in the box on Mother Teresa’s Tomb.

The Mother House Kolkata- Missionaries of Charity is situated near Ripon Street. The house remains open every day, except Thursday, and is closed on Easter Sunday and the 26th of December. Visit the house on your visit to Kolkata for a spiritual cleansing.

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