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Science City Kolkata

The largest science center on the Indian Subcontinent, Science City is one of the most popular attractions in Kolkata, managed by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The first director general of NCSM, Saroj Ghose, thought of this idea in 1997. The science center was inaugurated in two parts. While the Convention Centre Complex was open to the public by Paul Jozef Crutzen (Nobel-Prize winner) on 21st December 1996 along with the then chief minister Jyoti Basu, the entire center was opened on 1st July 1997, by the then Prime Minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral. On 10th January 2010, the foundation of the second phase of the Science City was laid by the former PM of India, Manmohan Singh, in the presence of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the then CM of West Bengal.

Science City Kolkata Location - Crossing of Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and J B S Haldane Avenue.

Entry fee Science City Kolkata-

  • General Visitors- INR 40
  • Organized Groups- INR 30
  • Organized School Groups - INR 20
  • Under Privileged Groups- INR 5

Science City Kolkata Timings - 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM (Closed on Holi)

Science City Kolkata Founded on -1st July, 1997

Science City Kolkata Photography- Not allowed

Attractions and Galleries

Dynamotion Hall

  • Illusions- This wonderful place conducts a permanent exhibition on the area of illusions that contains a number of fascinating interactive exhibits. It deals with showing a different kind of visual perception by looking into motion and placement.
  • Powers of Ten- This area comprises 43 exhibits explaining the micro and macro dimensions of the Universe through different scales of measurement.
  • Aquarium- The aquarium comprises 39 tanks with aquatic animals, with around 1000 dishes from rivers and lakes worldwide. Fish species here include gold fishes, silver dollars, piranhas, silver sharks, native barbs, crocodile fish, and more.
  • Butterfly Enclave- A wonderful space for colorful live butterflies where they can hatch their eggs and fly here and there from different plants in search of nectar.

Earth Exploration Hall

Opened for the public on 6th December 2008, Earth Exploration Hall is a permanent exhibition on Earth displayed in 2 stories of a hemisphere-shaped building. While the exhibits related to the southern hemisphere are on the ground floor, those pertaining to the northern hemisphere are on the first floor. In the middle of the hall is a huge globe encircled by multimedia presentations on several global issues.

Science Centre Kolkata is divided into 12 equal segments for all the hemispheres and other features such as geology, flora, physical geography, people, etc. There are interactive multimedia presentations, exhibits on different physical phenomena on earth, etc.

Evolution Park

Evolution Park is a theme-based tour that spreads over 1300 square m, with seven huge walkways via dioramas with 26 dinosaurs, 71 robotic prehistoric animals, and 140 plant models from different eras. The park showcases the evolution of animal life, mainly the now-extinct species.

Space Odyssey

A journey right into the universe, Space Odyssey has Theatre, a Time Machine, a Spinning platform, Mirror-Magic, Space Theatre, and other exciting exhibits and spaces.

  • 3-D Theater- Starting at 11’o clock in the morning, this movie show is based on a stereo back projection system so that the visitors can experience 3D effects by wearing special Polaroid spectacles.
  • Mirror Magichas an entire section comprising 35 exhibits in the building devoted to mirrors of every dimension - plain, concave, and convex. This is a world of optical illusion, ideal for children and adults for memorable experiences.
  • Time Machine- Installed in 1997, Time Machine is a motion simulator with 30 seats so visitors can have a virtual experience of space flight. This time machine has six degrees of motion and an impressive visual display.

Maritime Centre

It is a permanent pavilion showcasing the history of maritime in India, maritime activities, and interactive exhibits on shipping and navigation systems. This 2-storied structure, shaped like a ship, covers around 700 square meters. There are replicas, ships, sea vessels, and models of boats.

Outdoor Science Park

A huge outdoor Science park consists of several attractions such as a Monorail Cycle, exhibits on physical science, a Caterpillar ride, a musical fountain, a children's play corner, a road train, a butterfly nursery, cable cars, and a monorail cycle. This space gives a free learning experience to the visitor.

Picnic Garden

Visitors are allowed to bring their eatables to the Science City Kolkata. Visitors can relax and have fun in this picnic garden in the lush environment.

Convention Centre Complex

  • Main Auditorium: This fully air-conditioned multi-purpose auditorium can accommodate 2232 people at a time. It has a huge stage where around 100 performers can show their talent simultaneously.
  • Mini Auditorium: This fully air-conditioned multi-purpose mini auditorium has the capacity to accommodate 392 people at a time, along with a stage for 30 performers.
  • Seminar Building: This complex consists of 8 fully air-conditioned halls spread on 2 floors along with projection, a capacious lobby, a pantry, and large registration counters. This is an ideal venue for meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • Exhibition Ground- Spanning in a huge area of 26000 square meters, this exhibition ground has a food court, conference areas, exhibition space, trade exhibitions, display stalls, etc. There is a huge parking facility too, which can accommodate around 500 cars.

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