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Oachira Temple in Kollam

Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, Oachira temple is one of the famous pilgrim centers which brings thousands of tourists to enjoy the splendid nature and pious ambiance.

The temple, dedicated to Parabrahmam or the Universal Consciousness, is unique as it practices worship without an idol, and unlike other temples, it does not have any covered structure and people worship the Parabrahmam under the trees.

A trip to the age-old temple can surely make your trip auspicious and memorable, to say the least.

Tourist Attraction in Ochira

Parabrahma Temple is one of the main temples that will give you the scope to experience the true heritage of India. Apart from the Oachira temple, there are several other temples nearby for the devotees.

How to Reach

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is about 105kms from the site, whereas if you are coming by land Oachira is the nearest railway station which is well connected to the other parts of the country.

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