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Archaeological Museum Konark

Konark in Orissa is highly acclaimed for its Sun Temple. It abounds in different types of tourist attractions. However, the ones which witness huge tourist footfalls are Museums and Monuments in Konark along with holy places. Of the various museums in Konark, Archaeological Museum in Konark, India features most commonly in the travel itinerary of the tourists.

On a visit to Konark's Archaeological Museum, you will see that the entire museum has four galleries that exhibit around 260 antiquities recovered from the excavations of Sun temple. It also features an extensive reserve collection.

History of Archaeological Museum Konark

Earlier Konark's Archaeological Museum was established somewhere else than the present location. Currently, it is located at a stone's throw away distance from the Sun Temple towards the north. This shift took place in the year 1968.

Description of Archaeological Museum Konark

Archaeological Museum in Konark comprises of 4 galleries. In the first gallery you will find as many as 62 antiquities. It holds a collection of the sculptures that were recovered from the Sun temple complex. Some of the major highlights of this gallery are the idol of Surya in sand stone and the sculpture made of chlorite stone which depicts king in discussion, scenes on marriage and incarnations of Vishnu. It also showcases The Khandolite and other items.

In the 2nd gallery of Archaeological Museum you will come across the collection of 108 antique items. This collection includes the rebuilt wall of temple, dikpals and celestial nymphs, head of crocodile, richly carved stones that contain the pictures of flora and fauna, drummer etc.

On moving towards the 3rd gallery of Konark's Archaeological Museum, you will get to see the collection of 45 items. This gallery exhibits the objects of great artistic importance. The collection includes celestial nymphs, idols of Surya Narayana, Gaja-Vyala, the king and his troop. You will also come across some erotic figures that are put on display here.

The recently organized 4th gallery of the Archaeological Museum includes 45 artifacts. The collection features lion, man tied by the elephant trunk, crocodile head, part of the image of Surya and a king watching dance performance, erotic couples, salabhanjikas, elephants, scroll works and swans with garland.

The corridor of the Archaeological Museum in Konark depicts the picture of the ancient monuments and archaeological sites of Orissa which puts focus on the origin and development of the architecture of Orissa.


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