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Akuri Nala

Koriya is situated in the northeastern part of Chhattisgarh in India. The place is known for the natural beauty and picturesque landscape. The rivers, mountains, hills and waterfalls comprise of the natural tourist attractions in Koriya. The waterfalls in Koriya are one of the most frequented places in Koriya. Akuri Nala, Koriya is known for its cascading beauty all through the country. Thousands of tourists come to visit Koriya every year from all parts of the country all round the year.

Akuri Nala, Koriya is also referred to as the natural air conditioner in Koriya. Akuri Nala in Koriya is a natural waterfall which is situated at a distance of 65 kilometers from Baikunthpur. The waterfall is situated near Bansipur village in Koriya. There are many small waterfalls present nearby the Akuri Nala in Koriya in Chhattisgarh. This waterfall is covered by rocks on both the sides. People can take a bath under this waterfall.

During the summer season a trip to this waterfall is a pleasant experience. The cool and pleasant atmosphere of the place gives the sweltering heat of the summer a miss. The surrounding areas are full of forests and rocks. The areas nearby are suitable to go on for a picnic with friends and families. The natural beauty, the beautiful landscape and the scenery of the place in and around Koriya attracts tourists for several reasons.

Apart from the natural beauty of the place, the lifestyle of the tribal who reside here has also been an added attraction for the tourists. The handicrafts made by the tribal residing in the villages are of great artistic value. A trip to the villages nearby gives one an idea of the tribal life and their simplicity and warmth is something that impresses the tourist.


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