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City Fort Palace in Kota

During your trip to Rajasthan, you can avail the city fort palace tours in order to know about the past and about the various dynasties who ruled during that era. The City Fort Palace not only helps you to know about the past but it is also a visual pleasure to tourists who are in all wonders after they have a look at the palace. This palace adds glory to the royal lineage of Kota. Tour to City Fort Palace tours tops the list as it is one of the most important and leading forts in Kota.

Kota City Fort Palace was built in 17th century and is near the eastern end of River Chambal and is one of the biggest forts in Rajasthan. This fort has a typical rugged look and is decorated with domes and arches. The architecture is a typical mix of Mughal and Muslim era and in the entrance you will be greeted with the beautiful elephant gate or Hathi Pol as it is popularly known among the local people. In fact this fort has one of the best entrances, as compared to different tourist sites in Kota.

If you wish to enjoy your City Fort Palace tours, then it is better to drop in during November to March when temperatures are cool and you can enjoy your stay in Rajasthan. If you want you avail online booking for tour in Kota, in order to avoid any inconvenience during your trip. There are number of tour operators who conduct City Fort Palace tours, but it is better if you opt for experienced tour operators who have expertise in conducting such tours. If you wish, you can also opt for package tours which includes complimentary breakfast and sightseeing in different other places.

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  • Phool Sagar
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