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Taragarh Fort

Built in 1345, Taragarh Fort was a stronghold of Kota. Bhim Burj, the large legendary canon can be seen perched on the largest rampart of the fort. The fort also houses massive reservoirs of stone carved out of the rocky base of the fort that held water for the townsfolk who took shelter within the fort walls when on siege. The Taragarh Fort offers a panoramic view of the city below, especially at twilight.

A steep pathway leads you to the main entrance of the imposing Taragarh Fort which is about 39 kms away from the center of the city. The massive gateways have beautifully etched carvings of elephants on them. The heavily fortified rampart has three gateways. They are Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak. Environmental weathering has taken toll on these gateways and is almost in ruins. In its glory, Taragarh Fort was known for its hideous tunnels running across the hillsides often used to escape the danger that lurked for the kings.

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