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Lakes and Gardens in Kota

Rajasthan is not only known as the land of desert but it is also known for various ancient havelis, palaces, forts etc. Even though it is a land of desert, there are a number of lakes which are not only a visual relief but also famous tourist attractions which offers splendid view. Even though most of the lakes are man made and are mostly used for irrigation and drinking purposes, it is also used for tourism purposes. Kota is one of the towns in Rajasthan which is located in the southern fringes and is known for ancient palaces, forts, museums etc. There are also number of lakes and gardens in Kota which you can visit during sightseeing in Rajasthan.

Tours to lakes and gardens in Kota, Rajasthan are a visual relief to tourists in the land of desert. There are different types of activities which takes place in the lakes including boating. The banks of the lakes are also preferred for picnic and different other family gatherings.

Most of the lakes and gardens is in Kota is like a mirage and the gardens are man made which is a pleasure to see amidst vast bareness of the desert region. During your tours to lakes and gardens in Kota, you can visit the following places:

  • Chambal Gardens

Tours to lakes and gardens in Kota is unimaginable without visiting Chambal Gardens. It is located in the bank of River Chambal and is one of the most famous picnic spots in Kota. Visitors not only enjoy being in close proximity to nature but also can have a look at different types of flowers and rare plants. This place will be preferred by all nature lovers as they can study different types of plants, some of which are typical to this place, while others are rare.

The most famous attraction of this place is the pond which is situated in the center of the garden. There are number of crocodiles in the pond which is a major tourist attraction in Kota and if you wish to cross the pond you can do that, as there is a small bridge over the pond. It is better to visit Chambal Garden during winter as temperatures are low and you can have a look at the entire garden.

  • Chhattar Bilas Garden

Chhattar Bilas Garden is one of the gardens in Kota which houses cenotaphs of the royal family. During your tours to lakes and gardens in Kota, Rajasthan, a visit to Chhattar Bilas Garden will take you back to the ancient times and will also help you to know about the historical past of the Kota and Rajasthan.

A visit to Kishore Sagar Lake serves two purposes. During your visit you can have a look at the lake and also at the palace which is located near the lake. The lake was built around 1346 by the Bundi prince and is situated near the Brij Vilas Palace museum. The lake looks beautiful at night when you can see the reflection of the palace in the lake waters. The reflection of the palace domes in the lake water is preferred by most of the tourists and it remains crowded always.

Some of the other lakes and gardens of Kota which you can visit during your trip to Rajasthan are mentioned below:

  • Kesar Bagh
  • Lake Foy Sagar
  • Dhebar Lake


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