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Sar Bagh in Kota

Bundi is a part of the Hadoti region. The Hada princes, a clan of the Chauhans, settled in the region around the 12th century. The Hada Rajputs conquered Bundi and later Kota and dominated the region for many centuries. Though not a very important hot spot for tourists, Sar Bagh of Bundi is often visited by tourists for its 66 royal cenotaphs.

Sar Bagh has a collection of royal cenotaphs which is situated opposite to Jait Sagar. It has some beautifully carved statues. While traveling to Bundi another prominent tourist spot that attracts many are the Step wells or 'Bawaris'. They served as reservoirs to store water during the summers. When on a tour to Bundi do not miss the excellent wall paintings of the famous 'Bundi School of Art' highlighted in 'Chhatar Mahal', Zanana Mahal and Badal Mahal.


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