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Cenotaphs at Kesar Bagh

Rajasthan is regarded as an ancient city which has a number of ancient havelis, monuments, palaces, forts etc and is a major tourist draw from all over the world. During your travel to Rajasthan you will come across many cenotaphs, which are tombs or monuments which are constructed in honor of a person or group of persons. These are generally erected in memory of dead soldiers or of emperors. Cenotaphs at Kesar Bagh, in Kota, are constructed in memory of the members of the royal family.

The ancient small town of Kota is located in the banks of River Chambal, is known for its rich culture and heritage. The city is also well known for forts, temples, gardens, museums etc. In Kota, you can see that the old is very well juxtaposed with the new. In one hand you can see ancient havelis, forts, gardens etc and on the other hand you can see swanky shopping malls, entertainment arenas etc.

The cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh are war time memorials of all those people who took part in the fierce battles, which took place for land acquisitions and various other purposes. Those who took part in the battles were mostly Rajputs who guarded and protected their land from the Mughals. Cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh are one of the famous tourist attractions in Kota and are visited by tourists from different parts of the world. In fact cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh India are famous among foreign tourists.

History of Cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh

Cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh Kota, are located in the opposite side of Sukh Sagar, is a garden which is built in order to house the cenotaphs of the royal members of Bundi. The cenotaphs include tombs of various Bundi rulers, princes, queens etc. The first was built at 1581 and the last one was built in 1821.

While you visit cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh, you will see different tombs along with short description of the person. A chronological order is maintained while the cenotaphs were constructed, so that the visitors can clearly understand the relevance and the time period in which that particular king, queen, prince or princes belonged to.

Even though the garden has lost all its previous glory and is covered by tall grasses and reeds, the cenotaphs at Kesar Bagh Kota still reflect the past glory. There are 65 memorials which are created in memory of the royal family and still remind you of the lost glory of the kings and Chauhanas of Bundi.

Structures of Cenotaphs in Kesar Bagh

Most of the cenotaphs at Kesar Bagh Kota are made up of white marbles and the ceilings, pillars and the sides of the cenotaphs are intricately designed with different motifs of elephants, horses, and various other animals. It also depicts various other elements which were used in every day life. The main Chatri or the top of an arch like structure and has a shiva linga inside that, which is typical of Rajput architecture. This architectural style can be seen in many of the ancient temples in Kota. If you want to know more then you can refer to

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