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Mathuradheesh Temple Kota

Kota is a beautiful place in Rajasthan where you can find a large number of worshipping venues; here, the swiftly flowing Chambal River that flows nearby offers a soothing sight to the visitors. For the religiously inclined people, Kota holds a special appeal. Of the numerous temples in Kota, one significant temple is the Mathuradheesh Temple, Kota.

Mathuradheesh Temple, Kota is a sacred place for the Vallabh sect in India. The celebrations over here are strictly in accordance to the Vaishnav culture. It is said that Mathuradheesh temple, Kota ranks first among the seven pithas of Vallabh Sect in India. The best time to visit here is during the festive seasons, when people worship the deity of the temple with excess gaiety and fervor.

History of Mathuradheesh Temple Kota:

The Vallabh Sect is the worshipper of Lord Krishna, who is said to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu on this earth. They sing and pray to the glory of the Lord Krishna. The Krishna Purana is considered as their sacred text. The Mathuradheesh Temple, Kota was set up by the Rajput kings for the followers of the Vallabh Sect who are found in large numbers at Kota. Therefore the age of the temple dates back to the few centuries back during the heydays of Rajput reign.


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