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Samudra Beach in Kovalam

The Samudra Beach in Kovalam, Kerala, can be linked to a location that is akin to a fantastical setting from fables. This is the northernmost point of the Kovalam beach stretch, where this beach is located. Due to the ridge, this beach was for a long time and is yet currently unknown to some tourists. Samudra Beach is the ideal location for having a romantic walk in the evening and a cosy family excursion during the day since it is filled with a serenity that instantly calms the nerves and a natural beauty that is breathtaking to stare at.

Best Time to Visit Samudra Beach in Kovalam

If you love the season, you can go there during the monsoon because the sea takes on a completely different appearance.

How to reach Samudra Beach in Kovalam?

The Hawah Beach is 1.3 kilometres away from Kovalam's city centre. To get to the beach, you can take an auto rickshaw or call a cab.


  • Take pleasure in watching the fisherman leave the harbour to catch fish.
  • Even if you can't stand the heat, try to avoid gulping down ice cold water to avoid getting a bad cold.

Things to do

  • As you walk down the smooth beach sands, let your feet find their way.
  • There, you can construct the sand castles of your dreams and enjoy collecting seashells.
  • In order to beat the heat, indulge in your favourite ice cream.

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Nearby Restaurants

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Famous for: Nature, Photography, Adventure, Romance.
Entry Fee: No entry fee.
Visiting Time: Open daily with a preferred time of 6 am to 6 pm.
Visiting Duration: 2 to 3 hours or more.