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Religious Places in Kullu

The sacred Sanskrit literature of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Vishnu Purana have given special mention to Kullu in their various chapters. This shows that the region has been divine since the earliest of times. Moreover, one can find many religious places in Kullu associated with many ancient legends.

In order to understand and experience the spiritualism revolving around the valley of Kullu, tourists of thousands travel to the region every year. Kullu is famed for its natural beauty worldwide and is dotted with numerous pilgrimage sites. Another aspect is the town's devotion to different communities. It is not just the Hindu religion that has been at the prime spot, the city of Kullu is a place for all the popular religions of the country. Here in Kullu, one can find several religious spots that cater to the different religions of India.

For instance, the town boasts of a Gurudwara for the Sikh community. Quite near to it is the mosque, which has been adding spiritual value to Kullu since ancient times. Similarly, the temples and churches are amongst the top attractions in Kullu, which hold much significance for the locals as well as the tourists.

Apart from enjoying the natural beauty and experiencing the thrill, you can add a spiritual touch to your vacation. We have well-designed Kullu tour packages covering each aspect of traveling for an incredible holiday vibe. We also allow you to customize it as per your like.


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