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Bijli Mahadev Temple in Kullu

Located along the banks of the Beas River, the Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the most prominent religious sites in Kullu. As its name goes, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Mahadev) and is also renowned as the 'Temple of Lightning.'

Legend of Bijli Mahadev Temple Kullu

The history of this significant temple in Kullu narrates an intriguing story. Legends have it that Lord Rudra, a form of Lord Shiva, absorbed the excessive electric current from the atmosphere to save humankind. It happened at the Parvati and Beas river's confluence and commemorated this event. On that exact spot, a temple formed. It explains its naming of it as Bijli(Lightning) Mahadev Temple.

To the delight of visitors, the Bijli Mahadev Temple in Kullu boasts delicate and incredible carvings on its door frame. Right at the exquisite temple door, one can fancy the twin bulls or 'Nandis,' as the Hindus would like. There are widespread beliefs about this religious site. Thousands visit the Bijili Mahadev temple and attend a yearly fair held on its premises and if you are also planning then check our Kullu tour packages.

Timings - 6:00 AM- 8:00 PM

How to reach- For temple tourists need to cover a small trek. Thus, it is preferable to wear comfortable footwears when you visit.

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