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Tourist Attractions in Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam is one of the cultural treasures of Tamil Nadu. The city traces its roots back into the Sangam era. The city is famously called the ‘temple town’ or ‘The City of Temples’ and therefore the temples are the major tourist attractions in Kumbakonam. There are believed to be 188 temples within the city premises.

Kumbakonam in Kumbeswara temple is one of the 7th century Chola Temples. The 12 storey Sarangapani temple is known for incredible architecture as well as historic links. The Ramaswamy temple has a number of paintings taken from scenes of Ramayana. The city hosts the festival of Mahamaham, celebrated every 12 years at the Mahamaham tank. Kumbakonam is one of the few places in India, which has a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. Apart from the heritage treasures the city is also known for its brass vessels units, authentic cuisines and interesting experience for heritage travelers.