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Temples in Kumbakonam

The temple town of Tamil Nadu, Kumbakonam is located in the Tanjavur district. It is believed that the name has been derived from the mythological event when Lord Brahma placed the pot containing the seed of creation. Kumbakonam is the location where this pot was placed. The town is revered as it the seat of the life cycle of human beings.

Popular for the colorful and interesting fairs and festival, Kumbakonam is a popular tourist destination in south India. The Mahamaham Festival held near the Mahamaham Tank is celebrated with much enthusiasm. The festival is one of the major attractions of the region. It is celebrated once in every 12 years.

The temples in Kumbakonam are another significant attraction of the town. An integral part of the history and culture of Kumbakonam, the temples of Kumbakonam dates back to ancient times.

The temples in Kumbakonam are tall and the imposing structures are intricately designed and richly sculptured. The exquisite embellishments of the temple add to the beauty of the temple. The richly carved Panchola idols and the brass decorations of the lamps are characteristic features of temples in Kumbakonam.