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Makutabandhana Kushinagar

Situated a few kilometers from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is one of the sacred sites for Buddhist followers. From Stupas and monuments to the age old relics, the city attracts tourists from all over for its ancient monuments. One of the most important monuments in Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh is the Makutabandhana, Kushinagar. offers online information on Makutabandhana, Kushinagar and other tourist attractions of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India.

Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India is just a few kilometers from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. The city of Stupas and Temples, Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha attained salvation or Mahaparnirvana. Statues and structures of Lord Buddha and scriptures signify the period of time when this took place. One of the important Stupas in Kushinagar is the Makutabandhana, Kushinagar.

History :

The important Makutabandhana, Kushinagar is the huge Stupa which was built ages back dedicated to Lord Buddha. One of the huge Stupas in Kushinagar, Makutabandhana, Kushinagar was made of bricks was excavated by Carlyle in the year 1876. The Brahmi inscriptions on the walls of the Makutabandhana, Kushinagar states that the cremated remains of Lord Buddha are carefully deposited in this Stupa in Kushinagar. One of the huge copper vessels was also unearthed at this site during the archaeological excavations which took place in the 19th century.

Description :

Makutabandhana, Kushinagar when excavated by the archaeologists was covered in a 40 foot high mound of bricks. During the time of excavation it was surrounded by a dense thorny forest. Here you can also get a glimpse of the beautiful stone sculptures of Lord Buddha. The stone figure of Lord Buddha can be seen in Muktabandhana Stupa. The stone figure of Lord Buddha was repaired in the year 413-455 A.D by King Haribala. It was built by a monk from Mathura. This is one of the important monuments in Kushinagar.

Along with the Makutabandhana, Kushinagar there are a number of tourist places which brings people to this city in Uttar Pradesh. One of the major Tourist attractions of Kushinagar is the Nirvana Temple. There is a 6 meters long statue of Buddha in this temple and considered to be one of the sacred sites for the Buddhists. This is one of the unique images of Lord Buddha which shows him reclining on his right side. The inscriptions below reflect that the statue was built on 5th century A.D.

There is a number of interesting tourist places in Kushinagar which you can explore during your tour to Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. The Ramabhar Stupa also seems to be quite interesting. One of the sacred shrines of Buddhists this is the place where Lord Buddha attained Mahaparnirvana.

The Mathakaut Temple in Kushinagar also attracts tourists in Uttar Pradesh. The Watt Thai Temple is one of the most visited temples in Kushinagar. The Japanese temple is the Chinese temple with Oriental design and décor are also 2 beautiful temples in Uttar Pradesh which will also attract the tourists.


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