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Kadmat Island

Also known as Cardamom Island, Kadmat is a beautiful island and a part of the Amindivi subgroup of islands in the Lakshadweep archipelago. It is one of the most beautiful islands to visit in India. Kadmat Island is known for its exotic marine life. With a limited population, this island is ideal for enjoying a peaceful respite away from the hectic city life. Sprawling over 9.3 km, the island is dotted with silver sandy beaches, stunning blue lagoons, and colorful coral reefs. Kadmat Island is located at a distance of about 5 km to the North of Amini Island.

Kadmat Island is splendid, with limestones used for construction. Moreover, as this island is rich in marine life, there is a village called Kadmat, where fishing is the main occupation. This scenic island is packed with oceanic turtles that live and breed here. Plan a tour of this beautiful place and allow you to soak in the tranquility of this private island.

Why visit Kadmat Island?

Kadmat Island is one of the beautiful islands in the Lakshadweep archipelago. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the Arabian sea. The sparkling white-sand beaches offer solace amidst the tranquil nature. You can enjoy the best sunrise and sunset views from Kadmat beach. The island is breathtaking, and the ocean’s clear blue waters will instantly have your heart. This island also allows you to indulge in an array of adventure activities. This island is preferred mostly by newlyweds and honeymooners.

Places to visit on Kadmat Island

The island is known for its beautiful beach, which is Kadmant beach. Apart from that, the island is itself a point of attraction. Exploring palm line beaches and admiring the natural beauty is one of the best experiences on this island.

Things to do on Kadmat Island

There are plenty of things to do and enjoy on this beautiful island. The island is best known for Scuba diving due to its excellent sites. Several sites offer excellent diving and are available via a boat ride. You can also enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, lagoon cruising, glass-bottomed boat riding, water skiing, island hopping, beach volleyball, and canoeing.

Best time to visit Kadmat Island

The best time for touring Kadmat Island is the winter season and the beginning of summer. The pleasant months to visit the place are between October to May. During these months, the climate remains pleasant and offers an amazing holiday experience.

How to reach Kadmat Island

There are two modes of transport through which you can visit this beautiful island. To reach Kadmat Island, you have to reach Agatti Airport, which is in Lakshadweep, and to reach Lakshadweep by air to board a flight to Cochin International Airport, which is the only gateway to the island. On arrival, you can take the ferry ride to the island, which takes almost 2 hours. To reach Kadmat Island via ship, you can visit the official website of Lakshadweep to book your ship tickets to Lakshadweep. After reaching Agatti island, you can take another ferry to Kadmat Island.

How to get around Kadmat Island

Kadmat is a small island, and it can be easily explored on foot with the help of locals.

Accommodation on Kadmat Island

You may not find multiple hotels or resorts on this island. Kadmat Island Beach Resort is the only option to enjoy a peaceful stay. This resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in Lakshadweep. Overlooking the sea, Kadmat Island Beach Resort offers spacious rooms with limited amenities and a beachfront restaurant.

Where to eat on Kadmat Island

This island has no such other eateries available, but you can relish varieties of seafood and Indian cruises at the resort’s in-house dining outlet.

Shopping on Kadmat Island

There is no such shopping site present on this island. Instead, you can enjoy shopping at the nearby islands like Kavaratti.

How many days are enough to visit Kadmat Island?

A maximum of 2-3 days is sufficient to explore Kadmat Island.

Average Kadmat Island Trip Cost

Prices are always subject to change, depending on your itinerary. However, a minimum of 15000 INR - 18000 INR (approx.) per person is required to enjoy your vacation at Kadmat Island.

Useful Tips for Kadmat Island Trip

  • A permit is required to travel to Lakshadweep. It can be obtained from the administration of Lakshadweep.
  • The use of intoxicating drugs or any illegal intoxicant is strictly prohibited on the island. It is related to the criminal offense.
  • As Kadmat Island Beach Resort is the only option for staying, it is advised to book it in advance.


Q: Why is Kadmat Island famous?

Ans. Snorkeling and scuba diving activities make Kadmat Island tourism famous. It has some of the best diving spots in Lakshadweep, which offer water activities under expert guidance.

Q: How can I reach Kadmat island from Lakshadweep from Delhi?

Ans. The best way to go from New Delhi to Agatti Island is by taking a flight to Cochin International Airport and then a flight to Agatti Airport (14 hours approx.).

Q: Which are the best hotels on Kadmat Island?

Ans. Kadmat Island Resort Beach is the only place to stay on this island, which is a luxurious resort with fewer amenities and a beachfront restaurant.


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