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Kalpeni Island, Lakshadweep

A visit to Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep will satiate your beautiful island dream goals in India with half the fun and fatigue. India's smallest Union Territory - Lakshadweep, comprises a string of 36 palms covered, white sand skirted coral islands. Isolated from tourists radar, Lakshadweep comprises 12 atolls, 5 submerged banks, and 10 inhabited islands. The inhabited islands of Lakshadweep are home to Sunni Muslim fishers, and the locals are rooted in their traditional values. While the administrative center is Kavaratti Island, Kalpeni Island is something to talk about if you plan to visit Lakshadweep anytime soon.

Kalpeni Island, also called Koefani (By locals), is a cluster of three islands - Cheriyam, Pittu, and Tillakam is an inhabited island. Sprawling beaches, white sands, marvelous coral lagoons, and breathtaking marine life are a few Kalpeni Island aspects. The island is 2800 m long and 1200 m wide, making it one of India's best islands to explore on foot. Kalpeni Island holds a striking resemblance to the islands of the Maldives due to its unmistakable beauty. One such reason why Kalpeni Island is gaining popularity amongst island lovers is that you can unlock hoards of watersports, from reef walking to snorkeling, scuba diving, to sailing yachts kayaking. Kalpeni Island is a tourist haven for looking for seclusion under sapphire blue skies and balmy waters.

Why Visit Kalpeni Island?

If you plan the perfect romantic weekend getaway or just seek a complete rejuvenation, Kalpeni Island is the place to be. Learn about Maldivian locals' fishing culture, unlock warm hospitality at the homestay tours, and shop the souvenirs from simple dwellers. The bare minimum lifestyles of Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep will take your breath away! During your stay at this splendorous island, you can't miss watching the Kokkali dance and Parichakkali dance. Did we mention the brilliant Arabian Sea views will fill your Instagram feed with tropical pictures?

How to Reach Kalpeni Island, Lakshadweep?

To reach Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep, you must board a flight to Kochi International airport. There is only one operational airport in Lakshadweep on Agatti Island. Make sure you know that the airport in Lakshadweep is connected with Kochi International airport only! You can reach Lakshadweep by ship from Kochi on an overnight journey of 15-20 hours (approx.). There is no road and rail connectivity to reach Lakshadweep as it is a cluster of islands.

How to Get Around Kalpeni Island?

The best way to get around Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep is by foot and ferry - an amazing combination, especially when you consider that the entire island only takes a few hours to voyage. You can also hire helicopter transportation to explore different islands in Lakshadweep.

Best Time to Visit Kalpeni Island?

The best time to visit Kalpeni Island is from September-February when you can enjoy ample watersports and sightseeing. The temperature remains tropical, and the island of Kalpeni is at its best! March-May is considered hotter months with high temperatures. And June-July is when rain showers and major watersports shut down, but accommodation prices get lowered.

Places to Visit in Kalpeni Island

Once you see the top places to visit in Kalpeni Island, you will be enarmed forever! Fantastic lagoons, highly rich coral life, white sandy beaches, and shallow water in Kalpeni Island are the highlights. It has delicious food, a 37 m tall lighthouse, lush greenery, and a range of adventure sports to try. Perch yourself in Kalpeni Island and self explore why it is one of India's best islands.

Things to Do in Kalpeni Island

The delightful illusion is created by the interplay of light, pristine blue waters, and brilliant white sands, which carpets the gorgeous lagoon's dept. There are thrilling watersports in Kalpeni Island if you search for top things to do in Kalpeni Island. The marine life of this inhabited island is exceptional to witness. A visit to Kalpeni Island will make you forget your expensive foreign trip because you will enjoy plenty of amazing things to do in Kalpeni Island. More than just a romantic ideal, Kalpeni Island is the perfect island reality. It comes as a surprise that the island is not an internationally illumined leisure destination.

How many days are enough to visit Kalpeni Island?

2-3 days (approx.)  are sufficient to visit Kalpeni Island.

Average Kalpeni Island Trip Cost

14000 INR - 18000 INR  (approx.) per person is the average budget for visiting Kalpeni Island.

Note: *Prices are subject to change

Accommodation in Kalpeni Island

Options for accommodations in Kalpeni Island is all about unabashed relaxations and complete rejuvenation. There are not many resorts and accommodations on Kalpeni Island, but you can plan to stay in its nearby islands - all of them could be reached via ferry or helicopter ride. If you have sheer escapism goals, look no further than exploring Kalpeni Island. 

Where to eat in Kalpeni Island

There are not many places to eat on Kalpeni Island, but it sure has the best restaurants in its surrounding islands, which serves lip-smacking sea cuisine. Make sure you grab the hearty meal at Cafe de Saina. 

Shopping in Kalpeni Island

If you go shopping in Kalpeni Island, it won't make a hole in your pocket. There are affordable baby product shops and electrical supply stores. To indulge in the lavish shopping experience, visit the nearby Kavaratti Island for fabric shopping. Shop til you drop at Co-operative Society Supermarket in Kadmat Island. Both the islands could be reached via ferry from Kalpeni Island. 

Useful Tips for Kalpeni Island Trip

  • Only a few handfuls of operators provide telecommunication services in Lakshadweep.
  • Entry is permitted to be required to travel in Lakshadweep by the Administrative of Lakshadweep. 
  • Consuming intoxicating drugs and alcohol on the beach is a serious offense in Lakshadweep. 
  • Foreigners are not allowed to visit Kalpeni Island. 
  • Island remains open 24*7
  • Luxurious accommodations are in nearby islands