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Drass Tour in Kargil

On the road to Kargil, about 60 kms west of Kargil, lies the small town of Drass, in the Drass Valley. It is the second coldest inhabited place in the world. Repeated snowfall in the winters, plummet its temperature to less than minus 40 degrees.

The Zozila pass, the Himalayan gateway to Ladakh, is from where the Drass valley commences. On your trip to Ladakh, you should go for a tour to Drass which had been an important trade route for Pan-Asian trade in the yester years.

Trekking tours to Suru valley generally opt for Drass as the convenient base. It is a three day long trek that passes through beautiful upland villages and blooming meadows on either sides of the Umbala pass.

On your tour to Drass, you can also avail of the trekking trip to Amarnath. The trekking starts from Minamarg below Zozi la and takes you across the high pass. It is a 3 day long trek. Shorter treks and hikes are also undertaken from Drass, to the upland villages.

For ages Drass's inhabitants have negotiated the formidable pass even when the whole sector remains snow covered. As trade routes developed, Drass became more accessible and tourists keen in catching a glimpse of the beauty of the Drass Valley, while venturing on a tour to Drass. Tourists are required to register themselves at the Tourist Registration Centre at Drass, when traveling from Srinagar to Ladakh.