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Tour to Lamayuru

Lamayuru is famous for the Lamayuru Gompa or the famous monastery in the Lamayuru region. It is hard to say whether the monastery is named after the place or the place got its name from the monastery, as it is one of the most famous monasteries situated in Kargil, Himalayas. The region lies at an altitude of 3510 meters. A tour to Lamayuru Gompa is an essential part of a visit to Leh and Ladakh, along with the world famous monument in the Kargil district. Lamayuru is believed to be the oldest and the biggest Gompa situated in Ladakh. In this monastery, a total of 150 monks live as permanent residents.

A huge celebration occurs during the sacred Tsechu festival in Lamayuru. The colorful dance and beating of drums fills the air during the festival, and makes the whole area abuzz with merriment. Lamayuru is a wonderful place where people come to explore the silence of the Himalayas. The tranquility of Himalayas have invoked a kind of awe in all the travelers and continue to do so, with every passing day, while standing erect with all its mysterious charm.

There are several tour packages available for the tourists who would like to visit the place during the festivals and enjoy the unique essence of the land. The mountains during the festivals look brighter reverberate with music and beat of the drums, thus, breaking the eternal silence.