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Spituk Village Tour in Leh

A tour to Spituk includes a lot of adventure and excitement. A tour to Spituk will definitely include a good trekking experience. Spituk, in Jammu and Kashmir, is a wonderful place where tourists prefer to go because of the pleasant weather and a thrilling ambience. It is a paradise for those passionate about their trekking as there are a number of challenging trekking trails. The hilly terrains have given trekking a new definition in Spituk.

Spituk is also well known for its gompas. Since Buddhism is the chiefly practiced religion of the land, a traveler will get to see a number of Gompas in the area. Gompas are basically the buddhist monasteries situated in Jammu and Kashmir. Spituk looks wonderful at night, when you can see the city lit up in lamps all around, after the sunset. Spituk Monastery is the most famous monastery of Spituk.

Since the temperature falls to a large extent in winter, the travelers visiting the place in winter are advised to carry good amount of woolen garments. In summers, you can avoid carrying heavy woolen garments but light sweaters are always to be carried along with you, while on a tour to Spituk.

Traveling to Spituk is not at all difficult as there are many tour packages which you can avail of in order top reach Spituk.