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Lamayuru in Ladakh

Lamayuru Monastery is located at a height of 3,510 meters, 127 kilometers from Leh. Lamayuru can be reached in a single day from Leh. Lamayuru is known for its monastery and "lunar" landscape, quaintly promoted as a "Moonscape" for tourists. The place is famous for Lamayuru Moonland because of its spectacularly odd geological formations and incredible landscape. Lamayuru Monastery is one of India's most important monasteries because it is not only one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh but also one of the largest. While travelers and backpackers like me visit Lamayuru Monastery for its beautiful setting and timeless charm, this ancient gompa is famous among Buddhists due to its religious importance and rich history.

Places to visit in Lamayuru

Lamayuru is a picturesque village known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Are you planning to visit Lamayuru and also looking for places to visit? Then, you are at the right place because, on this page, you will find all the locations near and around Lamayuru to visit. Here is the list of famous places to visit in Lamayuru:

  • Lamayuru Monastery
  • Seng-Ge-Ghang
  • Lamayuru Village walk
  • Moonland near Lamayuru Monastery
  • Wanla Monastery

Things to do in Lamayuru

There are several things to do that allow you to immerse yourself in the unique culture and breathtaking landscapes of this picturesque Lamayuru Leh. Here are some activities you can enjoy in Lamayuru:

  • Learn and practice ancient techniques of mindfulness, relaxation, and self-awareness.
  • Indulge in the local culinary delights of Lamayuru, such as thukpa (noodle soup), momos (steamed dumplings), tsampa (roasted barley flour), and butter tea.Capture breathtaking shots of the lunar-like landscape and ancient monasteries.

Best time to visit Lamayuru

The best time to visit Lamayuru Ladakh is during the summer months of May to September when the weather is pleasant, and the roads are accessible. During this time, Lamayuru experiences mild temperatures, clear skies, and blooming landscapes, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, and photography. The famous Yuru Kabgyat Festival, held in June or July, is also a highlight of the summer season in Lamayuru, offering a unique cultural experience. And if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, Lamayuru moonland night experience is something that will make you more enjoyable

How to reach Lamayuru

Lamayuru is located in the Ladakh region of India and can be reached by air, road, or rail. The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh, which is well-connected to major cities in India. The distance from 

Lamayuru to Leh is about 125 kilometers away, and you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Lamayuru via NH1, the Leh-Srinagar highway. There are no railway stations in Ladakh, so the nearest railhead is Jammu Tawi Railway Station, and you can continue by road from there.

Accommodation in Lamayuru

Lamayuru offersa range of accommodations that cater to different budgets and preferences. You can find guesthouses, homestays, and campsites that provide basic amenities for budget travelers. Some mid-range hotels and resorts offer comfortable rooms with modern facilities. Some accommodations in Lamayuru are close to the famous Lamayuru Monastery, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. However, it's important to note that the availability of accommodations may vary, and booking in advance is recommended, especially during the peak tourist season.

Where to eat in Lamayuru?

Lamayuru is a remote village, and the dining options may be limited compared to more urban areas. However, a few local eateries and restaurants offer simple Ladakhi and Tibetan cuisine. Some popular options include Lamayuru Restaurant, Moonland Restaurant, and Hotel Moonland Lamayuru. These places typically serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like momos, thukpa (noodle soup), tsampa (roasted barley flour), and traditional Ladakhi tea. It's also recommended to try the local butter tea or chai while experiencing the unique flavors of Ladakhi cuisine.

How to get around in Lamayuru? 

Lamayuru is a small village, and you can easily explore it on foot or by hiring a local taxi. The town has well-defined walking trails that take you to the Lamayuru Monastery and other nearby attractions. Hiring a taxi or a private vehicle is also an option for getting around and exploring the surrounding areas, including nearby villages and monasteries.

Travel Tips During in Lamayuru Visit

  • Prepare for high altitude and low oxygen levels in Lamayuru.
  • Book accommodations in advance, especially during peak tourist season. You can also take the Ladakh tour packages from us.
  • Enjoy the stunning landscapes and take plenty of photographs.
  • Explore the ancient Lamayuru Monastery and immerse yourself in Buddhist culture.
  • Try local Ladakhi and Tibetan cuisine, including momos and butter tea.
  • Respect local customs and traditions, especially when visiting monasteries.
  • Pack warm clothing, as temperatures can drop significantly, even in summer.
  • Stay hydrated and acclimatize to the altitude slowly to avoid altitude sickness.
  • Carry enough cash, as ATMs may be limited or unavailable in Lamayuru.
  • Respect the environment and practice responsible tourism by following Leave No Trace principles.


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