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Likir Village in Ladakh

Likir in Ladakh, a small village at 62 kilometers to the west of Leh, is known for the Likir Monastery. A tour to Likir will take you to the enchanting folds of the mountains. On your rendezvous to Ladakh, Likir should feature in your itinerary since it is associated with one of the well-known monasteries of Ladakh. 

Likir meaning "The Naga- Encircled," was the name given to the Gompa as it was circumscribed by two serpent spirits, Nanda and Taksako. Likir Monastery dates back to 1065. During the reign of King Lhachen Gyalpo, the Lama Duwang Chosje built the Monastery.

On your Tour to Likir, you will discover that in the 15th century, Likir Monastery flourished under Lhawang Lodos Sangphu, the disciple of Khasdubje. The Monastery was then brought under the Tsongkhapa order. Rituals are observed diligently.  

The three basic Buddhist teachings, the Pratimoksha disciplines, are observed. In addition, the Likir Monastery has several sacred shrines, and its protective deity stands wearing golden armor.

The Likir village is a small hamlet located in the valley surrounded by mountains. The simple village folks work on barley fields. On your tour to Likir, you will spot women folks working in the areas, while you can spot older women spinning wool. A quaint Himalayan village, the lifestyle of the Likir residents, is much guided by the Monastery that acquires the central place in the village.

The annual events in the Likir Monastery play a vital role in the life of the people. Dosmochey, a votive offering, is made at an annual event of the Likir monastery during the 12th month of the Tibetan Calendar. On the 27th and 29th, dances are performed in the Likir Gompa. Devotees and monks from other places of Ladakh join in the celebrations. Reincarnations of Naris Rinpoche, who serve as the officials of the Monastery, are also observed.

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