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Stok Leh Ladakh

Stok in Ladakh is a paradise on earth, and a tour of Stok can be a welcome change for travelers, especially those who love mountains. Tourists get bewildered by the picturesque Stok. Ladakh is a beautiful land of mountains, snowcapped cliffs, and steep gorge. Therefore, Stok in Ladakh is an ideal place for mountaineering. Trekking is considered to be the favorite sport in Stok. Tourists flock to the trekking sights in Stok and make their holidaying in Stok special.

Different trekking packages are also found in Stok. Mountaineering in Stok helps the tourists explore more of the silence of the mountains. Perhaps it's the best way to communicate with the awe-inspiring peaks.

It is seen that many travelers who go mountaineering fall sick owing to less oxygen intake. In fact, as the person rises higher into the mountains, oxygen content in the air decreases. Hence every mountaineer must check out for the availability of ample oxygen before starting off climbing. 

While you are out on a visit to different corners of Stok, don't forget to carry water, goggles, and medicines with you. These will help you have a good journey in the mountains of Stok.

Stok is also quite famous for the monasteries. The gompas are beautiful tourist attractions. These well-built structures are places where Buddhism is practiced and from where the message of Buddhism gets passed on to different parts of the globe.

You can enjoy the view and indulge in thrill at the same time at Stok. To experience a fantastic holiday in Ladakh, choose us and get a smooth travel experience. We provide fully-customizable tour packages. 


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