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Tso kar Lake

One of the three high altitude salt lakes in Leh Ladakh, the Tso Kar lake is situated in the Rupshu valley of the Trans-Himalayan region. Due to high amount of salt deposits scattered all over its shore, it is also called as White Lake of India. What differentiates the Tso Kar lake from the rest two is the unique landscape it offers. The white Tso Kar Lake in Ladakh is surrounded by a complete different variety of land forms that are rare to find anywhere else. With numerous wetlands, lush grasslands, dry salt flats and multi-colored hillocks in its vicinity, the Tso Kar lake has become a major tourist attraction. Tourism in this region of Ladakh speaks highly of the swampy wetlands it possesses.

Attracting a lot of migratory birds like the Siberian Black Necked Cranes and the Bar Headed Geese, these wetlands are an absolute delight for bird watchers and photographers. It is advised that one should make a visit to Tso Kar lake early in the morning when the wetlands use to remain frozen, following a night’s chill.