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Tonde Monastery in Ladakh

Tonde Monastery is one of the most acclaimed Buddhist monasteries in Leh-Ladakh. This is a Gelugpa monastery located in the village of Tonde in Ladakh. Tonde village can be accessed from Padum - the largest town and administrative center of Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir. From Padum, take a four to five hours hiking tour through a bare, desert-like plateau to reach Tonde Monastery.

Tonde Monastery also referred to as Marpa Ling, stands high above the village on the Ronde Pass. Initially a Red Hat Monastery, Tonde underwent reforms with time and now belongs to the most widespread Gelugpa School of Tibetan tradition. Around 50 monks of the Gelugpa sect reside in Tonde Monastery.

Also known as the 'Yellow Hat' school, the Gelugpa sect emphasizes the study of logic and philosophy - at the expense of direct, shamanic experience - and is a significant force in Tibet, Nepal, Northern India, and a few Western countries.

How to Reach

By Air -Both Srinagar and Leh Airports can be used to reach Kargil.

By Road -From Kargil, regular buses are available to reach Padum. The journey takes two days, with an overnight halt at Rangdum. From padum, Tonde Monastery can be reached through a hiking tour.  

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